Welcome Pearl Cup Coffee to II Creeks Plaza!

A few weeks ago, II Creeks Plaza welcomed our newest member of the family, the award-winning Pearl Cup Coffee! Their signature Pearl Latte has been named Best in Dallas by D Magazine numerous times, and their shops have established themselves as staples of the community.

The Pearl Cup is a “3rd Generation” or “Third Wave” coffee shop, which simply means that we are a shop committed to custom drink flavor profiles that truly allow the taste of GREAT espresso to shine through, to be the star of the latte! You will taste the wonderful, perfectly extracted espresso through the steamed milk of the latte. This is important! Nobody wants a 20oz cup of steamed milk with the only a hint of coffee flavor. You can expect to find a traditional size cappuccino and our largest latte is 16 ounces. These drinks are typically served with two shots of espresso unless, of course, you ask for more.

It was just announced that you will now also be able to enjoy a Pearl Latte in the Dallas Arts District next to the Winspear Opera House. So when you travel downtown for a concert or play at the Winspear or the Meyerson, you can enjoy a delicious cup of Pearl Cup Blend too!

The Pearl Cup is now open next to Shady’s Burger Joint at 2701 Custer Pkwy in II Creeks Plaza. They’re open weekdays 6:30a-9p and 7:30a-10p on Saturday and Sunday.